Winning Through Effective Self Promotion Part 1

Self-promotion is giving people enough of the right information that they can make a ‘buying’ decision. By buying decision, I don’t necessarily mean pay money for something. Buying could mean hire you, or form a relationship with you or to be your ‘goal buddy’ who you work with you on an exercise program.

If you don’t know how to promote yourself, others make a snap judgment on what they see right then and if you don’t meet some need they have, they ignore you or worse, they pigeonhole you into some category.

“He’s the computer guy”
“She’s the fast-talking secretary”
“She seems like a lazy accountant”
“He’s a showoff with his red car”

People don’t ignore you or make snap judgments to be mean. They take their first impression and then size you up based on what they see. Mostly, they just don’t have the time to figure you out all out by themselves.

Our goals need other people to help us along the way.


via Winning Through Effective Self Promotion Part 1.

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