What Apple Babies Reveal About Our Tech Routines | Fast Company

As part of an experiment for my forthcoming book Brandwashed, I lined up 20 babies between the ages of 14 and 20 months. I then handed each one a BlackBerry. No sooner had their soft chubby fists reached out to take the phone from me than they touched the screen expecting it to light up. When nothing happened, a few stuck it in their mouths whilst others moved on to something more interesting.These babies, all under two years old, have already been converted to the Apple brand.It does not stop with phones. If you place a toddler in front of a TV screen, chances are they will run their little fingers over the screen expecting the channel to change. Some are even more advanced, moving their fingers in such a way as to expand the screen to explore the finer details.

A whole new generation is being primed in their most formative years to think Apple. It’s fascinating the way these new technology rituals have entered our lives. And they are replacing old rituals.

Numerous studies show that it’s the anticipation we enjoy the most. Looking forward to a vacation tends to be more rewarding than the actual trip. Planning to buy the latest camera, with its improved features and functions, is a whole lot more exciting than using it. Yet, for some reason we’ve skipped anticipation, opting instead for instant gratification. Sadly, along the way we’ve slowly and unknowingly killed many invaluable rituals which once defined our lives. They now seem odd and outdated. The question is: Were the rituals really that outdated? Or have we become too demanding?

Nice words to be quoted: anticipations and expectations carry more power than actual events! New babies are already primed by Apple touch screen tech.

via What Apple Babies Reveal About Our Tech Routines | Fast Company.

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