How to Get Customers to Respond | Cynthia Kocialski

Write down 24 short statements about how your new product can benefit them or solve a problem for them.  Then prioritize these messages.

The next time you call and get voice mail, leave one of these messages and every time you call again, leave another. Now you are building a story about your product and your company.

Keep track of which message eventually gets the customer to return your call. A typical voice mail campaign would have the caller leave 2 messages per week for the first two weeks, 1 message per week for the next four weeks, and finally 1 message per month for the next four months.

If you use email, the subject line is critical. Most readers never open the email. They elect to delete or read it based upon the subject line. The subject should be compelling and valuable to the reader.  Use your best tidbit because readers will assume there is better and even more valuable information inside the email.

Voice messaging campaign a great idea! Subject line for email 

via How to Get Customers to Respond | Cynthia Kocialski.

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