What are Booktracks?

Booktracks is a startup that could transform your reading experience forever.  Like movies have soundtracks, now books can have soundtracks.

When we first heard the idea, we were skeptical. Many people find listening to music distracting when reading.  And everyone reads at different speeds, so it’s impossible for one track to cater to everyone.

Not so, we were told. You have to try it to believe it.

So we went off in a corner of the party, put on some headphones, and read the first few pages of Da Vinci Code.  Immediately, music started to play appropriately with the words.  Right as we read a line about a door slamming shut, we heard the exact same sound.
We tried reading at different speeds to trick the book soundtrack.  It didn’t work. It seemed to hover within a few seconds of the lines we were reading, and the track followed us with every page turn.
Having to put on a headphone is not nice. Don’t know if it is a digital book or regular one. Not a must have idea.
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