4 Tips for Using Your Company Blog to Attract Investors | Inc.com

While stories of a small company’s bold Twitter and Facebook pages attracting investors make headlines once in while, experts say investors often look to blogs for a level of depth that can’t be found on Twitter or Facebook.

An entrepreneur’s regular contribution to their company’s blog—even their own personal blog—gives investors a look behind the brand. And aside from personality, investors are looking to see that entrepreneurs use the power of their blog wisely.

If a company has a blog, he says, he’ll look at that to get a fuller picture of what the company and the founder are like, and, though blogging is often thought of as an informal medium, Williams’ standards are no less exacting.

“I want to know this company. I want to see disparate posts that are not affiliated with the company,” he says. “I want third-party content that evaluates a product or service.”

“Be very judicious about what you put out.”

Once your blog is established and it has generated a following, think of your bloggers as expert voices.

Use press to get press.


via 4 Tips for Using Your Company Blog to Attract Investors | Inc.com.

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