Facebook Apps Have Created 182,000 Jobs in U.S. Economy – Technology – The Atlantic Wire

According to a report out this morning from The Hill, Facebook application have created 182,000 jobs in the U.S. economy. And these aren’t virtual jobs of virtual FarmVille hands. The application makers themselves have created 53,000 jobs, with an additional 129,000 jobs created indirectly, adding “$12.19 billion in wages and benefits to the U.S. economy.” Zynga, the most well-known Facebook application maker out there of aforementioned FarmVille fame, employs 2,000 people directly, for example.

That grain of salt aside, 182,000 jobs is nothing to cough at, especially considering the fact that the Facebook “app economy” is just a part of the larger application-based economy growing in the U.S. As a point of comparison, the entire U.S. economy created 105,000 net jobs this past summer. Those 182,000 Facebook app jobs, though, don’t represent net job growth–some jobs created by Facebook applications could be squeezing employers in other industries, similar to how the auto makers of yesteryear squeezed the horse-and-buggy business.

via Facebook Apps Have Created 182,000 Jobs in U.S. Economy – Technology – The Atlantic Wire.

The secret is that jobs are created by separate individuals instead of singular firms like Microsoft. This is the right way to scale up!

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