Paul Graham on why New York City won’t beat Silicon Valley – The Next Web

Startups die by default… Part of that is just startups doing what they naturally do, failing!

Possibly the most important thing about the Valley is that startups are the cool thing to do. In most of the country if you launch a startup people treat you as if you were unemployed.

There’s nothing more powerful than having people around you applauding and caring about what you’re doing. That’s the ingredient that makes the startup hub work

Graham described most successful entrepreneurs from the Valley as “prophets compared to dudes on Wall St. The most successful founders I know are concerned above all with the quality of what they’re building. And by above all, I mean even above money.”

And this is when Graham begins patronizing, suggesting that New York’s obsession with money is deeply rooted and “Not something you can fix by having Meetups… The Valley is a magnet for nerdy visionaries. NYC is for rapacious dealmakers.”

via Paul Graham on why New York City won’t beat Silicon Valley – The Next Web.

Paul Graham is one of the best entrepreneurs who not only can do it but also say it nicely! Meetups, encouraging failure and startup, caring about new things more than money and sharing and applauding others trying

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