99% literacy rate in Japan – thanks, mom! – Garr’s posterous

Mother, daughter, and son all enjoy reading on the train. When I saw the scene in front of me it reminded me that the USA, in adopting the “No Child Left Behind” policy (i.e. standardized testing) took the absolute worst part of the Japanese school system — the focus on standardized testing — and ignored the real reason why, for example, Japan has a near 100% literacy rate. There are many reason besides testing.

But more important in my mind are the parents. It is the parents, it seems to me, that really lead by example and ignite the flame, or at least cultivate an atmosphere for learning. These kids are not reading because they have to, they are reading because they want to. I can’t help but think the mother (and father) played a huge role in that.



via 99% literacy rate in Japan – thanks, mom! – Garr’s posterous.

This guy has a good point! Mom is the best for implanting the seed for loving reading in the kids

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