Infographic Of The Day: China’s Checkbook Diplomacy | Co. Design

The more you look at this chart, the more you start seeing powerful forces at work. For one, you’ll notice that majority of China’s trading partners aren’t in Europe or America: They’re in Asia and Africa and South America. In other words, precisely those countries which have always spoken last on the world stage. China is using its economic relationships to create an alternative bloc of power, which can directly compete with the political might of the E.U. and America.

You could call it checkbook diplomacy, and it’s vastly different than the bedrock of our own diplomatic efforts. Granted, the U.S. does use its economic relationships abroad as a carrot, but the stick has always been our armed forces. China, by contrast, isn’t exactly threatening countries overseas with potential military action (with the exception of Taiwan, of course). Instead, it’s doing hundreds of billions in business with countries that are usually also-rans on the global stage.

via Infographic Of The Day: China’s Checkbook Diplomacy | Co. Design.

Checkbook diplomacy is based on the belief that money really talks and talks at all levels on all issues!

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