Skeptical Research Effort Confirms Global Warming, Again: Scientific American

The Earths surface is warming, after all, says a team of researchers who sought to investigate claims that flawed data and methods had skewed existing analyses of global temperature trends.

The work by the Berkeley Earth Project shows that, on average, global land surface temperatures have risen about 1 degree Celsius since the mid-1950s — on par with the warming trend described by research groups at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA and the U.K. Meteorological Office.

The Berkeley effort’s leader, astrophysicist Richard Muller, said his team had taken climate skeptics’ criticisms of existing research into account when they began to examine global temperature data going back to 1800.

But in the end, the factors singled out by skeptics — including some poorly sited temperature-monitoring stations — did not have much bearing on his group’s results.

via Skeptical Research Effort Confirms Global Warming, Again: Scientific American.

Key points: having different teams looking at the same data, especially those with different starting points or with different choice tendencies, is a good thing for scientific rigor; some factors are not critical so even if they were off, the end results the same. 

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