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The China Models of Economic Organization

There are two China models, not one. Model 1: China Reforms In late 1978, the Communist Party nationalized a program started locally around the country to grant certain property rights to farmers. This caused agricultural productivity and rural income to … Continue reading

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英媒:中国政府的“财政危机” – 鲜果社区

阳历年关将近,在西方政府官员纷纷为预算赤字、公共开支紧张而挠头的时刻,中国官员们也正在为花钱伤脑筋……英国的《每日电讯报》最近刊登了驻上海记者摩尔(Malcolm Moore)发来的报道称,如今中国各级政府官员都急着为如何在12月31日前花掉总计超过4.5万亿元人民币(约合4500亿英镑)的预算而绞尽脑汁。据称,如果中国各级官员不能在剩下不到6星期的时间里花掉手中剩余的年度预算款,那明年的预算就可能被削减。据称,不少中国官员生怕即使大吃大喝也花不完手中的钱,因此在每笔花销上还会巧立名目、加倍报销。据湖北省统计局的一位副局长介绍说,中国官员给纳税人省钱不但得不到表彰,反而会受到批评 长春市某奥迪汽车经销部的一位销售员也表示,每年11月和12月间,黑色奥迪车的销量平均比平时增加三成以上。 via 英媒:中国政府的“财政危机” – 鲜果社区. Another kind of financial crisis: how to spend budgeted money so next year they can get the same or bigger amount of money for government agencies.

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Why China’s Credit Squeeze Is Big Business … for Loan Sharks – Knowledge@Wharton

Indeed, the government’s reining in of bank lending, which hit record levels recently, is designed to avoid a financial sector crash. But the practice also has compounded the difficulties facing smaller Chinese firms. For all intents and purposes, they have … Continue reading

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BPS Research Digest: The taste for competition peaks at age 50

No wonder parents’ races at school sports days are such fraught affairs. A new study finds that far from us mellowing as we age, our inclination for competition increases through life, peaking around the age of 50. via BPS Research … Continue reading

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Food We Eat Might Control Our Genes: Scientific American

What if material from our food actually made its way into the innermost control centers of our cells, taking charge of fundamental gene expression? That is in fact what happens, according to a recent study of plant-animal micro­RNA transfer led … Continue reading

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Big Box Brother: While You Shop the Mall, the Mall Shops You – Derek Thompson – Business – The Atlantic

From Black Friday though to the end of the December, two malls in southern California and Richmond, Va., will be following shoppers by tracking their cell phone signals. When somebody walks out of the Gap, into the Starbucks, out through … Continue reading

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Splash Landing: Inside Thailand’s Tech Manufacturing Crisis – Forbes

Quite how serious is still being assessed by multinationals left high and dry by a global supply-chain shock. While only one Honda plant in Ayutthaya was submerged, a shortage of parts held up assembly lines in Japan, Thailand and the … Continue reading

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