Why Capitalism is the Answer – Forbes

When I had the concept to start Opportunity Works, it was born of frustration from the current system. As the mother to a child with Down Syndrome, I have had the opportunity to be an active advocate. I spent a couple of years working on various committees and boards strategizing for ways to overcome the employment gap for people with disabilities. Finally, it occurred to me that we were focused on the wrong problem. We were focused on fixing the broken piece of this system when, in actuality, there was a piece missing altogether.

A capitalist model is the missing piece to the employment system. In order to really make a paradigm shift with employment outcomes for people with disabilities, businesses need to be dealing with a business person who can give them the business case to make this choice, to sell the great value of a diverse workforce and to demonstrate the ROI. They need to have Account Executives focused on catering to their needs, adapting to changing demands and exceeding their expectations. Companies need to know they are getting a good value for the service in which they are investing.

For you first time readers of my blog, Opportunity Works, Inc. is the name of the company started over the summer. We are a staffing services company dedicated to putting people with disabilities to work. Please check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

via Why Capitalism is the Answer – Forbes.

A nice case study for someone coming to epiphany of a different way for disabilities to get jobs other than going nonprofits.

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