Tantrum Tamer:New Ways Parents Can Stop Bad Behavior-华尔街日报

Time-outs, sticker charts, television denial — for many, none of these measures will actually result in long-term behavior change, according to researchers at two academic institutions.

Instead, the training focuses on three components known as the ABCs: the Antecedent, or the environment and events that set the stage for a tantrum or other undesirable action.

Then there is the Behavior itself, and how parents can help a child learn new behaviors, in some cases using pretend scenarios.

The Consequences component involves reinforcing a positive behavior or discouraging a negative one.

Although these principles are quite basic, they are challenging, psychologists say. They require both patience and emotional restraint from parents, who also must invest time and energy into changing their parenting practices. ‘The devil is in the doing of it,’ says Stephen Scott, director of the National Academy for Parenting Research at King’s College London.

via Tantrum Tamer:New Ways Parents Can Stop Bad Behavior-华尔街日报.

Interesting program that consider training as a whole process, chimes with my theory

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