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Creativity Comes After The Fact | gapingvoid

This is true! Colleges and schools talk about creativity and innovation because that is what people desire. There is a big market for that, perhaps more than creativity itself. There is little risk involved to talk about creativity and to … Continue reading

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Why Apple Should Start Making a 3D Printer Right Now – Ross Andersen – Technology – The Atlantic

The takeaway is to watch for things that have been brewing for a couple of decades and technically mature. That is the critical moment to jump on to reap for fat benefits. 3D printers and Lytro cameras are such examples. … Continue reading

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Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC]

A very female dominated site! Pinterest, a two-year-old social bookmarking site that lets users collect and share things they like on the web, is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers’ websites. The website is especially popular among women, … Continue reading

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Click “Like” After Class: Yale Professor Chooses Internet-Free Lecture Hall – Education – GOOD

A lousy move by someone who does not understand technology and decides to go against it. The right approach is to engage students so they pay attention. But an even better thing to do is to move in and out … Continue reading

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Columbia and Stanford Creating $30 Million Institute to Bridge Journalism and Tech

This is the future direction! IMBA students should do the same: coming up with an identification of a problem in the market, then go to engineers, programmers and even artists for assistance in design. It’s boring to just have projects … Continue reading

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Beware the ‘gush-up gospel’ enriching India’s billionaires – FT中文网

Shocking concentration of fortune in a country. This one probably is unique in India. China has more family based competition so it is hard to see a high concentration: another family is waiting in the wing to take over. India’s … Continue reading

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Corporate America Is Killing Your Chances of Becoming an Entrepreneur |

Basically two things that kill entrepreneurial spirit: you die slowly like a frog in a simmering pot and you learn slowly in a big company as you never have the chance to develop all your potential.  However, people are different: … Continue reading

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