Spotting the Great but Imperfect Resume – George Anders – Harvard Business Review

Like the saying of never compromising on characters, OK to do that for experiences. Most places are not recruiting talents, just recruiting insurance. Even if the result turns out sour, HR can defend itself by hiring the seemingly perfect match. 

Directors of summer internship programs, for example, have soured on seemingly “perfect” students with 3.9 grade-point averages from elite schools, who have mastered multiple foreign languages. The reason: these recruits show surprisingly little initiative once they arrive at a big, busy company; they keep waiting to be told what to do.

Small-company chief executive officers voice a similar lament. They are eager to hire lieutenants whose career zigzags have created a burning desire to succeed in a new job.

Traits such as resilience, efficiency, curiosity and self-reliance are among the most likely ones to be prized.

Compromise on experience. Don’t compromise on character.

They had bounced around in college, switching majors three or four times. They had joined the Navy, or worked for Boeing, or tried a flurry of other false starts.

via Spotting the Great but Imperfect Resume – George Anders – Harvard Business Review.

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