Amid an Avalanche of iPad Apps, the Best of 2011 – App Smart –

For references: Toontastic should be checked out

Here’s my list of 10 favorites from 2011, along with a few runners-up:

ZITE (free) This is the closest thing to the perfect magazine.

SNAPSEED ($5) Apple anointed this photo app as its iPad app of the year, and there’s little question that it’s one of the best.

TOONTASTIC (free) A great storytelling app for adults and children, Toontastic takes much of the work out of an often-daunting task.

GARAGEBAND ($5) This app is good on the iPhone and even better on the iPad. GarageBand sets the standard for music creation on a tablet device, with features that will appeal to professionals and amateurs.

LIVING EARTH HD WORLD CLOCK AND WEATHER ($1). In a sea of more complicated and ambitious apps, Living Earth is beautifully simple. It offers a live satellite view of the globe so you can glimpse cloud cover in your area, while a graphic tells you the current temperature along with the day’s predicted high and low.

BACK IN TIME ($8) The coolest history textbook you’ll find on the iPad, Back in Time tells the story of the universe with a 24-hour clock, where the Big Bang starts the day and humans appear in the final seconds.

via Amid an Avalanche of iPad Apps, the Best of 2011 – App Smart –

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