Unusual Flavors Can Dampen Immune Response: Scientific American

Interesting discovery: humans are very open to unique changes but why this time it shuts down the immune system instead of provoking it? It could be that the first time it coupled the milk with the drug so the subjects relate the two.

Thirty-two subjects were fed a green-colored, lavender-scented strawberry milk—an odd concoction designed to taste unique. For three days in a row, about half the subjects took an immunosuppressive drug along with the drink, whereas the other half took a placebo pill. After five days and then again another 11 days later, all the participants received a placebo pill along with the strawberry milk. Both times the immune systems of the experimental group were significantly inhibited after drinking the milk—as shown by levels of immunoresponsive molecules in their blood—whereas the control group was practically unchanged.

via Unusual Flavors Can Dampen Immune Response: Scientific American.

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