How Apple’s Top Secret Product Development Process Works

Apple is the one firm that puts Products at the core of business and marketing. It creates a secretive culture like a cult and has an uneven power among designers and others. This turns out to be productive. Think of the same secrecy at former USSR and China. The national projects like rockets and moon landing were all done in secrecy. This leads to a sense of honor and duty among workers. 

Designers are treated like royalty at Apple, where the entire product conforms to their vision.

Once a new product has been decided on, a team is organized and segregated from the rest of the company by secrecy agreements and sometimes physical barriers.

This effectively creates a ‘start-up’ inside the company that is only responsible to the executive team, freeing them from the reporting structure of a big company.

The ET (Executive Team) meets every Monday to go over every product that the company has in process. It is able to accomplish this because Apple has so few products in production at any given time.

Any that do not get a review are rolled over to the next review Monday. This means that no product is ever more than two-weeks away from a key decision being made

via How Apple’s Top Secret Product Development Process Works.

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