Capital: The Real Reason Women Get Less of It |

Everything is relative. In the States because men are strong so women show up less competitive; in many Asian countries including India and Bangladesh men are weaker so women are the major target for microfinance

A key Department of Labor survey of women-owned companies across the U.S. reported that women-owned firms started life with only 64% of the capital of male-owned firms and were less likely to tap outside financing over their lifetime, including loans, angle investments and venture capital.

It cites one study, for instance, that found women are less likely than men to ask for outside funding. Other research suggests that differences in credit scores, growth potential and firm size account for just about all the variance in financial access.

Ask, and keep asking until you get what you want.

Before you work up the nerve to ask for money, you need to work up numbers that prove you’ll be able to pay it back. What is your credit score? Does your business have growth prospects that warrant outside funding?

You need to understand the numbers, not just pass them off to the CPA or CFO

via Capital: The Real Reason Women Get Less of It |

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