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Beware the ‘gush-up gospel’ enriching India’s billionaires – FT中文网

Shocking concentration of fortune in a country. This one probably is unique in India. China has more family based competition so it is hard to see a high concentration: another family is waiting in the wing to take over. India’s … Continue reading

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Corporate America Is Killing Your Chances of Becoming an Entrepreneur | Inc.com

Basically two things that kill entrepreneurial spirit: you die slowly like a frog in a simmering pot and you learn slowly in a big company as you never have the chance to develop all your potential.  However, people are different: … Continue reading

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Bosses Who Work Out Are Nicer: Scientific American Podcast

There is another issue hiding: those who work out care about their image so they will be less abusive to subordinates. This is in addition to working out reduces personal pressure of bosses. Because bosses who hit the gym tend … Continue reading

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This is an example that nice and new features often come with a price tag. In the future Siri will be less data demanding as they work out that Fast Fourier Transformation thing. Siri’s dirty little secret is that she’s … Continue reading

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Study Hacks » Blog Archive » Closing Your Interests Opens More Interesting Opportunities: The Power of Diligence in Creating a Remarkable Life

Two key messages here that are both crucial: you have to deliberately try things to make it perfect, like Steve Martin for banjo; and you have to give up something in order to get the a few things that you … Continue reading

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