Facebook: Here Are the 35 Things That Could Kill Our Company 译言网原文

A perfect example where real entrepreneurs take calculated risks. There are preaches flying around claiming (essentially) that entrepreneurs are blind risk takers. They move without any no clue what the outcomes will look like.

That kind of entrepreneurs do not exist in life but in preachers’ head. Entrepreneurs, especially the mature ones, do not just do it for the sake of taking risks. Like any decision makers, they always try to reduce the uncertainty to the extent possible. Young entrepreneurs tend to heed the inspiring preaches but will quickly find that is not real entrepreneurs live.

The other issue: do we need to have personal preferences to win entrepreneurship? In other words, are all entrepreneurs opportunists just heading for the next opportunity recklessly? I would say no. Numerous examples from real life show that one has to have passion on something before reaping benefits out of the undertaking. Opportunistic entrepreneurs jump from one chance to another prematurely and end up losing one after another. 

In its SEC filing, as required by law, the company outlined a whopping 35 “risk factors” that could “materially and adversely affect” Facebook. It’s a comprehensive list of every threat the social network currently faces. Some are head-slappingly obvious (they could lose users and advertisers), while others are more revealing (Facebook isn’t making any money from its mobile platform — so what if that grows and web users shrink?)

LinkedIn listed 42 risk factors in its filing, Zynga offered 44, and Groupon had 55.

via Facebook: Here Are the 35 Things That Could Kill Our Company 译言网原文.

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