Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work – Tammy Erickson – Harvard Business Review

One solution is to make workers feeling autonomy, in control, fully engaged and customized.

The social software used in many organizations today has a distinctly different cultural context and level of performance:

Often we’re instructed to use it by someone in authority, rather than invited by friends.

Little of what we actually get paid to do (or believe we get paid to do) requires information or input from the vast majority of other people on the network.
Participation feels like dropping pearls into a black hole — there’s often no sense of getting something in return for sharing an idea or suggestion.
We have no control over who sees our information and little idea what “they” are doing with it.
The site is unattractive and requires a manual to get started.
The software is generic and requires a work-around to do the specific things we would really like to do.
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