Bailouts for Startups, Tough Love for Corporate America | BostInno

Agreed with the idea! Startups need and deserve the tender loving cares as that’s good for the whole business. 

Unlike some who claim that entrepreneurs just love taking risks, I believe good entrepreneurs hate risks as much as anyone else, but they love calculated risks. That’s why they should welcome any effort reducing risk of starting a venture.

We can encourage entrepreneurship by lowering the risks associated with starting a new venture. We do this already with things like bankruptcy law. And while there will always be serious risk associated with starting a business – as there should be – we can make changes like decoupling health insurance from employment so potential entrepreneurs aren’t held back by fear of losing coverage.

A 2010 paper by Kauffman researchers makes this point nicely:

• In any given year, the top-performing 1 percent of firms generate roughly 40 percent of new job creation.

• Fast-growing young firms, comprising less than 1 percent of all companies, generate roughly 10 percent of new jobs in any given year.

via Bailouts for Startups, Tough Love for Corporate America | BostInno.

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