Minimal Mac | Microsofts Biggest Miss

This is the perfect case where the firm failed together with the clients: they all think Office is unsubstitutable. In a sense, they provide positive feedback to each other, confirming that nothing is gonna threat or replace the office. 

The real lesson is that firms and entrepreneurs always have to go at least one step ahead of the consumers. Never get too cozy with each other!

Microsoft’s DNA is software. They are primarily a software company.

Why then, instead of laughing at the iPhone, iPad, Android, or anything else that comes along, not employ a strategy of “Office Everywhere” and build platform specific and complementary versions of Office for every device that popped up? That, to me, seemed to be their biggest miss.

You see, she said, missing all of the opportunities was just the start of a much deeper problem. Microsoft for many years had convinced the world that, in order to get “real work” done, you needed Office.

via Minimal Mac | Microsofts Biggest Miss.

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