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Good marketers focus on changing the perspectives, and derive   cute slogan or catch words from that!

It is an understatement to say the culture of pet lovers is passionate. A dog lover will stop the most intense conversation with their significant other to greet a canine on the street. Cat lovers will ignore the highly idiosyncratic behavior of their feline companions–and all the while gladly clean the cat box. In other words, pet lovers are unconditional lovers. This is especially true in Portland, a city voted the best city for dogs and cats gerbils will have to wait.The Oregon Humane Society lives by the dictum of Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Their facility is a palace for animals in transition: The air circulates six times an hour to prevent disease, and the units are cleaned twice daily, if not more. The shelter is a happy place staffed by hundreds of friendly volunteers.

And yet, animal shelters are perceived as a waiting room for death. Over the years, this meme has been drilled into the public by advertising. But that kind of communication has the opposite of the intended effect–it makes one feel guilty for not rescuing abandoned animals. And as any psychologist will tell you, guilt breeds depression and inaction.

The Oregon Humane Society’s communication strategy has always been one of optimism. “Feel the Love,” celebrates the connection between companions. But the team felt a need to drill deeper. The strategic questioning began, “How do we flip the switch? How do we change the perception of guilt to one of empowerment?” An opportunity to create a movement based on love emerged.

hus, the Oregon Humane Society’s signature campaign was born: “End Petlessness.”

End Petlessness turns the tables on the pet-rescue paradigm: Those being saved are pet lovers who are lonely, instead of pets who need a home.

The Oregon Humane Society is now one of the top three shelters in the United States. The adoption rate for dogs is near 99%. The adoption rate for cats is an astonishing 96%. The national averages are 50% for dogs and 22% for cats. And while the ad agency can’t take full credit for saving the lives of these companion animals, the Oregon Humane Society gives the End Petlessness campaign significant due.

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