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印度一半以上家庭没有卫生间 – 鲜果社区

Some shocking figures about India: more than half households have no toilet but more possess a mobile phone! 根据最新调查显示,在印度12亿人口中,半数家庭不在家中设置卫生间,然而却有更多的人拥有移动电话 印度2.4亿家庭中,有46.9%的家庭家中装有洗手间,49.8%家庭在室外排泄,剩余3.2%的家庭选择使用公共卫生间。2011年对家庭设施的调查数据显示,63.2%的家庭拥有一个移动电话设备。 数据还显示,在这个一度以复合家庭为主的国度,核心家庭(由一对夫妇及其未婚子女组成)现已占到了70%。 然而使用互联网的地区仍是微不足道的,仅占人口的3.1%。 via 印度一半以上家庭没有卫生间 – 鲜果社区. Advertisements

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How To Bring Out The Magic In Marketing 译言网原文

Good marketers focus on changing the perspectives, and derive   cute slogan or catch words from that! It is an understatement to say the culture of pet lovers is passionate. A dog lover will stop the most intense conversation with … Continue reading

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How U.S. Companies Decide Where To Locate Their Chinese Factories 译言网原文

A good list of factors for firms to consider where to do FDI: cheap labor is just one of them. Others include consumer market size, infrastructure, other investment, safety, economy of scale… But according to surveys of almost 1,800 U.S. … Continue reading

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The New Power of the Global Middle Class – Steve Clemons – International – The Atlantic 译言网原文

Good point! Could not agree with it more! Absolute number of people barely matters, or matters more for developed economies to keep going, like Japan. But for emerging countries the structure of population or distribution of wealth matters more. George … Continue reading

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China unlikely to impose ‘big bang’ reforms – FT中文网

This is a good news for the most part! Introducing foreign investors into stock market could be the smartest move, as they act as a buffer zone for a bunch of opportunists and short sight investors. Foreigners seeking intrinsic values … Continue reading

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Surprise! Teens Care More About Online Privacy Than You Think – Megan Garber – Technology – The Atlantic

A good case where certain preference stays despite technology. Privacy is a big cultural element and teens were taught of that since early on. Pew’s Internet and American Life Project has found that teens are actually as concerned about online … Continue reading

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Why Is New York’s Suicide Rate So Low? –

Interesting  finding! It is natural for NYC to adopt a stricter gun law given the high population density. But that policy feedback nicely to a low suicide rate. This is an example how cause and effect have positive interaction From … Continue reading

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